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What Does Spotfire Do?
Data Discovery and Visualization
Explore. Analyze. Discover.

Spotfire instantly visualizes, interacts with, and shares data to spot the buried opportunities and risks nobody else can see. By bringing the power of visualization-based data discovery to everyone in your organization, Spotfire grants independence from IT and other outside sources. Spotfire's visualization-based system is win-win for all who want to find new opportunities that are visually presented in endless combinations that are easy to interact with or share.

Dashboards and Analytic Apps
Create in minutes. Share in seconds.

Creating operational dashboards and analytic dashboards has never been so easy. At Spotfire, we make it just as simple to share and publish them directly to tablets or desktops through a zero-footprint web client. And because these capabilities are role-based, the analyses are shared securely, are auditable at will, and are preserved over time. This method encourages exploration and collaboration by all with the presentation of a clear message through your impressive display of data.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics with TIBCO Spotfire.

Predictive analytics have entered the mainstream of business analytics, and TIBCO Spotfire has been at the forefront of this transformation. With Spotfire Predictive Analytics, you can anticipate emerging trends, take preemptive action to minimize risk, and make better decisions with much greater confidence.

Spotfire offers 3 groundbreaking predictive analytics in its platform:
  • TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services (TSSS)
  • TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR)
  • Spotfire Predictive Modeling Tools

Advanced Collaboration Tools
All. Together. Now.

Spotfire's contextual collaboration capabilities uniquely support this natural decision-making process - from spontaneous and freeform brainstorming, all the way to decisions made within a formalized workflow - through a new level in social analytics. With Spotfire's collaborative BI approach, you can capture and socialize moments of insight, ideas, and hypotheses with peers, advisers, and customers - whether in an existing portal or a Spotfire client. From there, you have the power to make more informed and transparent decisions at a more rapid rate

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