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IBM InfoSphere Warehouse

Genware Computer Systems implements solutions that enable customers to realize IBM’s Information On Demand value proposition of transforming data into insight for better business decisions. Solutions are delivered using a unified and comprehensive Performance Management solution comprised of the IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse coupled with an end-to-end Business Intelligence application using IBM Cognos 8 BI. 


Information on Demand


Information On Demand is a comprehensive vision and value proposition from IBM that helps an organization realize the business value of its information. This information strengthens an organization’s competitive advantage by: 

  • Transforming core processes by facilitating a free flow of information across an enterprise that offers new insights into existing information. 

  • Streamlining compliance measures by increasing information management lifecycle efficiency. 

  • Providing trusted real-time information, enabling rapid response to changing environmental conditions. 

  • Implementing real-time, time-sensitive industry initiatives. 


IBM Information Management with Genware


Genware Computer Systems specializes in the implementation of Business Intelligence and Performance Management applications leveraging IBM Cognos and IBM Information Management technologies. Genware Computer Systems works with its customers in a joint project development approach to ensure successful project delivery. Employing Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Advanced Application Management practices, Genware Computer Systems ensures successful project implementations and provides a series of special services to its customers. 


Leveraging IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse and IBM Cognos technologies, Genware Computer Systems delivers Business Intelligence and Performance Management capabilities to information hungry organizations. These capabilities enable: 

  • Integration of disparate data into a clear, consistent, and accurate view of performance at every level of the organization. 

  • Delivery of business-critical information to decision-makers when, how, and where they need it. 

  • Identification and leveraging of information "sweet spots" in core functional areas for competitive advantage. 

  • Planning, understanding, managing, and improving financial and operational performance. 

  • Answering the three questions that drive Performance Management: How are we doing?, Why?, and What should we be doing? 


IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse


The IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse is the complete data warehousing solution comprised of the pre-tested, scalable, and fully-integrated system components of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse, Server, and Storage. IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse provides a foundation for real-time Business Intelligence by offering:

  • Real-time, ready-to-go data warehousing solution. 

  • Transparent modular architecture that allows for full scalability. 

  • Precision balanced environment for optimal performance. 

  • Integrated IBM InfoSphere Warehouse that empowers the control of information in real time. 

  • Comprehensive solution portfolio that ensures a variety of solutions that cover application, growth, and enterprise options. 


Components in a Genware -Designed Solution


This Business Intelligence solution is a synthesis of the following components: 

  • IBM Cognos – IBM Cognos 8 BI suite provides a Business Intelligence application that includes scorecarding, dashboards, reporting, and analysis. IBM Cognos 8 BI integrates cohesively with IBM technologies. The combined solution eliminates the need for IT to source and test additional components since it is fully tested and supported by IBM and IBM Cognos. 

  • IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse – An integrated and balanced combination of hardware, DBMS, OLAP support, ETL tools, In-Line Analytics, and Application Server. 

  • Genware Audit Processor – A Business Intelligence Application Management solution that provides usage, usability, administration, and security information enabling optimal management of applications. 


Together, these components result in a complete, unified, and scalable end-to-end Business Intelligence application that encompasses the best-of-breed of IBM Information Management hardware and software as well as the proven ability of Genware Computer Systems to deliver quality Performance Management solutions. 


The architecture in the following diagram demonstrates a typical high-level architecture of a combined IBM Cognos and IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse Business Intelligence solution delivered by Genware Computer Systems. 

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audit processor
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