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Business Intelligence with SAP Data

Genware Computer Systems implements end-to-end Business Intelligence applications that transform data into insight for better business decisions. Solutions are delivered using a comprehensive Performance Management solution comprised of IBM Cognos 8 BI leveraging valuable data stored in SAP transactional and warehousing systems. 


Systems Application and Products (SAP)


Systems Application and Products (SAP) allows customers to interact with a common corporate database. SAP enables organizations to capitalize on the value of corporate data and sharpens their competitiveness by providing organizational alignment, visibility, and increased confidence. 


SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) provides a place to access system information for data analysis. It is an interactive data warehouse solution that provides access to information enterprise-wide. The key benefits of SAP BW include powerful extraction, transformation and presentation of SAP and non-SAP data, and online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis. 


SAP ERP is a business application software system that integrates the business functions of an organization effortlessly and efficiently. It provides immediate, real-time updates of critical information to all of the affected business functions in order for organizations to operate in a more unified manner. 


Genware solutions leveraging SAP


The Genware SAP Practice delivers Performance Management capabilities by providing Business Intelligence solutions that leverage SAP transactional and warehousing systems. Genware Computer Systems works with its customers in a joint project development approach to ensure successful project delivery. These Business Intelligence solutions provide customers with decision making capabilities through ease of access to information. Leveraging IBM Cognos technologies, SAP Certified Integration, business rules, security, and SAP Enterprise Portal Integration, Genware Computer Systems provides business values such as: 

  • Increased business agility – Connect strategy, people, and metrics, increase accountability and visibility into performance, and make faster decisions. 

  • Complete reporting coverage – Include SAP data and non-SAP data. 

  • Integration with an existing environment – Zero-footprint, Web-based report creation, deployment, printing, multiple output formats, and flexible distribution. 

  • Higher ROI and lower ownership costs – Reduce report maintenance, training requirements, and IT authoring backlog. 


Components in a Genware -Designed Solution


This Business Intelligence solution is a synthesis of the following components: 

  • IBM Cognos – Extends the investment in an SAP application. IBM Cognos 8 BI suite provides a Business Intelligence application that includes scorecarding, dashboards, reporting, and analysis. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence integrates cohesively with SAP technologies and is certified Powered by SAP NetWeaver®. 

  • SAP Business Information Warehouse – An integrated and balanced combination of data warehouse functionality, a Business Intelligence platform, and Business Intelligence tools. Data warehousing in SAP represents the integration, transformation, consolidation, cleanup, and storage of data. SAP ERP – An application that utilizes a three tier model consisting of a presentation layer, application layer, and a database layer. It manages data using master data records that are stored in a central database. In SAP ERP, functions are linked through this database which then eliminates redundancy and ensures data consistency and integrity. All data has real-time access. 

  • Genware Audit Processor – A Business Intelligence Application Management solution that provides usage, usability, administration, and security information enabling optimal management of applications. 


Together, these components result in a unified and scalable end-to-end Business Intelligence application that encompasses SAP solutions and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, as well as the proven ability of Genware Computer Systems to deliver quality Performance Management solutions. 


The architecture in the following diagram demonstrates a typical high-level architecture of an IBM Cognos and SAP Data Warehouse solution delivered by Genware Computer Systems. 

project development
audit processor
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SAP NetWeaver® and SAP® ERP are trademarks of SAP AG.