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Usage - Usability - Content - Security

The Genware Audit Processor provides advanced usage, usability, administrative, and security information for IBM Cognos Applications.

With reporting functionality on auditing data and content, the Genware Audit Processor is an integral source of information for Project Owners, Administrators and Security Auditors.

Usage and Usability
A key factor in determining the Return on Investment of an application is to monitor the usage of that application. The Genware Audit Processor shows valuable information concerning the usage trends of an application. Monitoring application usage trends and their impact on usability is essential. Usability qualifies the applicationís performance and hence, the user experience. The Genware Audit Processor provides usability information that easily directs attention to problem areas affecting the user experience. It includes measurable values such as average report runtime and number of errors received.  

Security and Compliance
Regulations and security requirements demand that Business Intelligence applications be monitored to track access to information. The Genware Audit Processor facilitates this requirement in two areas: Functional Security and Usage Validation.  

Server Utilization
In an application server environment it is essential to monitor application usage trends and the impact of this on the supporting application server infrastructure. Business Intelligence application servers could yield poor performance during peak times when the volume of requests is higher than the typical daily average. Performance is also impacted by requests that run for a long time or results in an error condition. The Genware Audit Processor provides valuable application usage information that can be used to plan for these peak times and to identify the long running or error yielding requests. The infrastructure administrator can plan accordingly for the peak times and easily identify the subject areas or users executing the long running requests.

Performance Optimization
Application Performance optimization has a direct impact on the end user experience. Reports that run longer than planned or that result in an error condition impacts the user workflow process in a negative manner. The Genware Audit Processor allows the Project Team to easily identify these reports and to direct attention to these problems shortly after they occur. In environments with multiple Cognos applications and subject areas it is important to monitor performance and the impact of this performance across all applications. The Genware Audit Processor makes it easy to pinpoint usage and performance by subject area.

Administration and Content Management
Administrators are responsible for managing Cognos application servers to ensure a scalable environment that is secured and adheres to license policies. Cognos technologies are often centralized providing a shared infrastructure leveraged by applications spanning various business and development communities. The Genware Audit Processor provides easy access to administrative information including security structures and assignments, application and user content, and saved output sizes. This information reduces the effort required to support and manage the application environment.   

An opportunity to shorten the time to success by obtaining definitive, undisputed information on the usage of IBM Cognos tools for the following purposes:

- Series 7 to Cognos 8 migration sizing and scoping
- Validating the existing and future applications
- Performance benchmarking
- License assessment
- General reporting usage and access

By using the Genware Audit Processor as part of our migration, we can accomplish this task accurately, quickly, and easily.

The Genware Audit Processor can be demonstrated onsite or via a web meeting. To arrange a product demonstration, please email us at 

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