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Application Management Services

The stable application environment sought by any organization is the product of various technologies and applications, each with its own complex architecture, working together efficiently. The concept of Application Management developed in response to the needs of organizations to be able to examine the interactions of these technologies and applications and then gauge their combined effects on a user community. The Genware Audit Processor is a Business Intelligence Application Management solution that provides usage, usability, administration, and security information that enables optimal management of applications. 


The Genware Audit Processor Practice leverages the Genware Audit Processor to enable customers to proactively manage their applications, environments, and user communities promoting user adoption and reducing reactive administration tasks. Experienced Genware Application Administrators deliver these services to organizations that may not have the skills in-house. Leveraging these services enables customers to be proactive about managing their applications. 


Application Management Monitoring


A Genware Application Administrator leverages the Genware Audit Processor to collect and monitor usage, usability, administrative, and security information. The administrator performs the following tasks for an agreed upon period. These tasks are typically conducted on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Compare current and prior periods of Cognos 8 Portal metrics to visualize trending.

  • Review scheduled run of Genware Audit Processor software and key Genware Audit Processor reports. 

  • Address any specific questions that the Cognos Administrator has with regards to the Genware Audit Processor content. 

  • Compile a recommendations document. 

  • Conduct a one hour remote presentation to discuss findings and recommendations. 


Application Profile


A Genware Application Administrator leverages the Genware Audit Processor to collect usage, usability, administrative, and security information. This information is then analyzed to determine key findings and recommended actions. Usage information is compared to vendor benchmarks and a scalability comparison is created. A findings document is produced and an executive presentation is conducted to present all findings and recommendations. 


The Application Profile service enables customers to validate existing applications, plan for scalability, and conduct proactive activities to ensure a valuable application experience for all users. 


Migration Scoping


Migration Scoping allows customers to obtain crucial, undisputed information on the usage of IBM Cognos applications. The task of scoping a migration can be accomplished accurately, quickly, and easily when using the Genware Audit Processor as part of migration efforts. This service provides an opportunity to shorten the amount of time needed to migrate content and increase the scoping accuracy. 


The benefits of this service include the ability to identify valuable content, enable a successful deployment into a new environment, and plan and scale an optimal migration. Migration development services are also available from Genware Computer Systems.