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Business Intelligence for Planning

The Genware Computer Systems Planning Practice extends Planning applications to include Business Intelligence functionality thereby allowing organizations to achieve the value of Performance Management. 


IBM Cognos 8 Planning


Enterprise planning facilitates the drive towards advanced levels of predictable financial and operational performance. It converts enterprise-wide strategy into actionable items such as planned activities, decision-making, and generating initiatives necessary to achieve strategic success. IBM Cognos 8 Planning enables both top-down goal setting and bottom-up involvement. This approach simplifies the necessary buy-in and accountability at the operational levels of the enterprise and establishes a connection between the corporate-level management team and the field management. The outcome of this is enhanced forecast consistency. 


Business Intelligence for Planning


Leveraging Business Intelligence on IBM Cognos 8 Planning information provides essential information to contributors, managers, and executives. The utilization of Business Intelligence with near real-time information provides the tools to evaluate performance against existing plans and to make decisions with causal effect on plans and corporate strategic initiatives to drive business performance. Business Intelligence leveraged on IBM Cognos 8 Planning data includes:

  • Near real-time data access. Dashboards that provide key information relevant to business functions. 

  • The ability to drill-through from dashboards in order to answer questions and depict plan status from various perspectives. 

  • Cross-organizational reporting (multi-node reporting). 

  • Visual aids that show status, impact, and evaluation of plan against performance so appropriate actions can be taken to achieve goals and strategic initiatives. 

  • Filtering options to further focus on necessary information. 

  • Ad hoc querying capabilities to explore information further in order to answer questions and monitor impact.

  • Dimensional analysis to analyze impact. 

  • Vision into which business units have completed their planning contribution. 

  • Varying degrees of benefit to all roles within an organization, from the plan contributor to the executive. 

  • A flexible and extensible model.


Genware Computer Systems Planning Practice


Genware Computer Systems features a Planning Practice that leverages Business Intelligence Application Strategy, Architecture, and Design applied via Joint and Outsourced Project Development to offer full Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing services for BI Planning integration projects. 


Genware Computer Systems offers a Business Intelligence solution customized to the architecture of an IBM Cognos 8 Planning application. In conjunction with the IBM Cognos Innovation Center for Performance Management, Genware Computer Systems develops Business Intelligence solutions for Performance Management Blueprints. 



Designed for the End User


Contributor, tactical, and executive management require BI tools to make informed decisions and adjustments aligned with corporate goals. The Genware Computer Systems BI solution is modeled to encompass the information requirements of these various management categories.

  • For the corporate level, dashboard-style reports focus on perspectives of the business, allow for drilling to gain further insight to more detailed data, and filtering to focus the perspective on specific areas of importance. 

  • At the tactical management level, dashboards with drill-through to more detailed data, detailed reports, ad hoc queries, and analyses provide vision into matters of tactical importance. Data and reports are relevant to the tactical manager at their business unit level or departmental level. The BI content enables proactive management by providing insight into the effects that plans exert on organizational goal-driven strategies. Near real-time throughput enables rapid visibility of tactical plan change impacts on strategic goals. 

  • For contributors, the focus is on tracking and monitoring plan input. Contributors want to know about the details of their plans and view them in a summarized and easy-to-use format. Reports are developed to relate plan inputs to the bigger picture within the business and to show how these contribute to the goals and strategies of the company. 




Contributors in business units across the organization input plans to meet business goals or strategies. These plans are reviewed and adjusted as needed to fit the enterprise-wide objectives. To provide a feature-rich Business Intelligence experience, a business-centric model using Framework Manager is developed and published to the IBM Cognos 8 BI server. Within the IBM Cognos 8 BI server are dashboards, reports, ad hoc queries, and analyses built on the published Framework Manager package and grouped according to the business function levels. 

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