Augmented Intelligence

Intuitive data visualizations and predictive analytics, reporting and dashboards embedded within key applications, and streaming analytics combining real-time connectivity with analytical insights. Genware Computer Systems supplies services and technologies to meet analytics needed for all digital business initiatives.
Data Visualization

Data Visualization is very often the first step in comprehending and communicating analytics because humans are much better at understanding data when it’s presented graphically rather than numerically. When data is visualized, it’s easier to see emerging trends, the very first step in deriving insight. Data visualization is also a powerful way to communicate a finding because the fast intuition possible supports easier collaboration and faster innovation. With ubiquity of data, data visualization technology is increasing in use and proliferating across multiple disciplines.

Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation (NLG) transforms data into written narratives. These narratives provide the reader with a clear interpretation of the information being provided as a personal message, for any industry and application and in almost any language of choice. NLG can be added to Visual Analytic Dashboards, financial reports and client communications. The Genware team can deliver the enterprise-ready NLG solution you need.

Data Science – Advanced Analytics

Going beyond business intelligence to find hidden patterns in data, advanced analytics includes techniques like cluster analysis, complex event processing, data mining, forecasting, graph/network analysis, machine learning, multivariate statistics, neural networks, optimization, predictive analytics, real-time or stream analytics, text mining, simulation, and visualization.

Streaming Analytics

Analyze and act on IoT and other streaming data with real-time systems deployed at a fraction of the cost and risk of other alternatives.

Data Management

Data Management enables consistent accessibility, delivery, governance, and security of data to meet an organization’s requirements using tools including master data management, data virtualization, data catalog, and self-service data preparation and wrangling.


Digital business changes business models and creates new revenue opportunities. It requires the ability to connect all systems and data sources and make them available in a single, seamless, trusted view for actionable insights, decisions, and business processes.


  • Evaluate

    Evaluating software can be complicated. Let our team assist you with identifying your needs and providing custom demonstrations of leading edge technologies

  • Getting Started

    Cloud or On-Premises, running your Analytics software requires administrative skills. Our team can assist you with installations, configuration, security, and managed services.

  • Assist

    Training, Coaching, Content to get you started. Coaching sessions for tasks such as loading data to creating advanced dashboards.

  • GROW

    Joint Project building - Advanced data sourcing - Integration - Staff Augmentation


Applications and Accelerators
Dental Service Organizations and Multi-Clinc practices leverage Gi-Dental to analyze and optimize operations. Includes Ad-Hoc analytics.
Performance Management – Finance, AR, Billing, Aging, Adjustments Marketing – Patients, Demographics, Insurance Carriers Operations – Appointments, Patients, Scheduling, Patient Retention, Scheduling, Walkouts
Gi-HR Allocate
Gi-HR Allocate
Staffing Organizations that manage large human resource pools that are assigned to customer projects can gain insight into the full lifecycle of Pipeline, Project, Person, Allocation, and Actual Time Spent using Gi-HRAllocate.
Advanced Analytics of Pipeline, Projects, People, and Timesheets in Gi-HRAllocate enables easy management of your Human Resource allocations.
Connected Production Blueprint
Connected Production Blueprint
Hyper-Converged Analytics for Manufacturers and Producers for a Next Generation Intelligent Digital Plant. Predict process performance metrics such as Process Capability Indices (Cpk’s), utilizing Six Sigma Methodology.
Hyper-Converged Analytics Blueprint which processes source data, applies predefined machine learning models, and includes advanced analytics.
Customer Health Dashboard
Customer Health Dashboard
Customer Health Dashboard is used to identify risk and provide the organization a prioritized list of accounts to engage with.
Increased Customer Engagement Reduced churn via proactive management of risk Increased renewal rate & upsell Increased Cross-Functional Account Management
Genware Presentation Studio
Genware Presentation Studio
Build and update PowerPoint® presentations from the content in your TIBCO Spotfire® dashboard.
Export whole TIBCO Spotfire® dashboard tabs, individual visualizations, images, text, tables, document property values, and more, and put them exactly where you want them in your PowerPoint® presentation.


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